The Benefits of Building with UniCote Lux Steel in Brisbane

As steel manufacturers for builders and architects in the construction industry, Rollsec understands how important it is to be using a combination of quality materials and current trends. UniCote Lux is a premium type of steel that is highly durable, non-combustible, and tests in accordance to AS 1530-3. It stands up to Australia’s harsh climate, [...]

Introducing Architectural Cladding

  The latest architectural cladding is a quiet revolution in exterior design, backed up by excellent technical capabilities. This type of cladding is considered to be “The Next Big Thing” in global exterior design, and it is making its point unambiguously. It’s unusual for construction professionals to get this enthusiastic about a new type of [...]

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UniCote Steel vs Tile Roofing

  The choice between UniCote Steel roofing and tile roofing is the classic choice between two virtual opposites. If you’re trying to make a choice between these two different types of roofing, there are a few things you need to know. We’re going to give you a quick but useful overview of the different things to look [...]

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The Beauty and the Benefits of Building with Steel

  Modern steel fabrication, new products, and new building ideas have revolutionised modern construction methods. Today’s builders choose steel for better building quality, higher standards of living and effective design options for residential and commercial buildings. From high-quality steel roofing to the structural base of a building, steel has continued to prove itself as a versatile, attractive [...]

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A Guide to Steel Roof Maintenance

  Steel roofing is incredibly tough and it doesn’t often need maintenance. Despite this, it’s still important to know the signs of possible roof problems and how to deal with them. We’re going to give you a brief overview of these issues so you can visualise the problems and implement the solutions. Basic Roof Maintenance The [...]

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What Materials do I Need to Build my Roof?

  Your roof is not just a decorative topping to your house or building. It provides valuable protection to your interior, as well as insulation and energy control benefits. Constructing a complete roof requires know-how, safety precautions, and of course the right materials. Here’s what you need to build a roof. Structural Sheeting Using corrugated [...]

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How to Choose the Appropriate Colour for your Roof

  Deciding what colour your metal roof can be exciting — it means you’ve reached a stage in your building process where you can see the finished product approaching and you will be able to enjoy the durability and longevity of a finished corrugated steel roof. UniCote pre-painted steel is the world’s leading colour steel and [...]

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The Benefits of Buying Metal Roofing Online

  For the smart shopper who is building a house, you’re sure to be looking for supplies in several places. Buying roofing materials online has many advantages over purchasing from showrooms, from roofers themselves, or in home renovation stores. However, there are several considerations for both methods. Premium Quality Steel at  a Fraction of the [...]

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The Benefits of Steel Roofing

  Your roof is one of the most important weather protectors and insulators in your house. Choosing what material it is made out of is an important decision for builders and homeowners alike. Each material, including corrugated steel and shingle tiles, has its own benefits. Tile Roofing Tile roofs are known for having particularly long [...]

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UniCote Steel: The World’s #1 Pre-Painted Steel

  UniCote steel is a highly durable and cost effective alternative in coloured steel,  making it our first choice for looking great and holding up in the harsh Queensland climate. Benefits of UniCote Durability UniCote is a pre-painted sheet metal with hot dipped aluminium and zinc alloy for excellent durability.  The paint system used is [...]

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