Rollsec stock a wide range of metal roofing materials and supplies for your next project, including Corrugated, Five Rib and Quiklok 700 roofing profiles. Whether it’s a commercial or residential job, our metal roofing experts in Brisbane have the solution.

Metal Roofing Materials

To create a classic Queensland home that’s built to last in the harsh Brisbane weather, look no further than metal roofing. Rollsec provide a range of high quality roofing materials for a longer lasting roof and a better looking home.

From five rib and corrugated roof sheets to insulation and valleys, we will protect your roof on the inside and out. Best of all, our products are made with UniCote Steel, leaders in design, durability and much more.

If you want a long life and a great appearance from your roofing sheets, look no further than corrugated roofing. Adaptable for a wide range of roofing projects, corrugated metal roofing can be used in commercial and residential settings.

Five Rib Corrugated Roof Sheeting

When looking for reliable roofing and walling supplies, look no further than five rib. This metal roofing sheet provides a comprehensive solution and is made with UniCote Steel, guaranteeing flexibility, durability and performance.

Rollsec Quiklok 700

Quiklok 700 is commonly used for commercial projects and for large roofs that require a low pitch. Rollsec’s Quiklok 700 is very easy to install using fixing clips which eliminates the need for visible fixings.

Modern home with new modern architectural cladding

Achieve a modern look for your roofing or walling project with architectural cladding. Talk to our experts about the best applications for architectural cladding today.

This revolutionary technology combines colour steel roofing, the underlying insulation and the ceiling into one product. By integrating these three layers, this innovative product makes for a much more effective roof.

Opal Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Lightweight, durable and malleable, polycarbonate roof sheeting is available in a range of styles, including five rib and corrugated. You can also choose from a range of great colours to suit your needs. For roofing materials that provide impact resistance and thermal insulation, look no further.

Corrugated Fibre Sheeting

Just like polycarbonate, our fibreglass roofing materials are strong, versatile and translucent. Great for waterproofing and available in a range of styles and sizes, Rollsec can provide fibreglass sheeting that suits your project.

Complete your roof and your home with a wide range of roofing accessories manufactured right here at Rollsec. We can custom design quality solutions for residential and commercial applications.

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