If you’re looking for roofing accessories to suit any style of roof, talk to Rollsec. We can manufacture roofing accessories for you, including gable rolls, barge capping, valleys and ridge capping.

A Variety of Quality Roofing Accessories

Complete your roof and your home with a wide range of roofing accessories manufactured right here at Rollsec. We can custom design quality solutions for residential and commercial applications, including ridge capping, gable rolls, valleys, and tile valleys. Our metal roofing accessories are made with high-quality UniCote® Steel, and are available in a range of colours, lengths and designs.

If you’re not sure of the accessories that are right for you or you have questions about style or functionality, our Brisbane roofing specialists are here to help. Our team will gladly assist you with every technical and design aspect when it comes to your roofing project.

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This traditional style of roof capping is ideal for corrugated roofs. Rollsec’s roof capping is available in a range of colours and cut to length, and it’s the perfect solution to ensure your roof is properly capped and sealed.

A versatile capping solution, three break ridge capping can be used on a variety of different roof profiles. Protect your metal roofing with this strong and durable option from Rollsec.

Gable rolls will complete your corrugated roofing with a neat finish. Ideal for contemporary or traditional designs, we manufacture gable rolls in a range of colours, sizes and lengths.

Help the rainwater flow safely into the gutters on your metal roof with “V-shaped” valleys from Rollsec. These metal channels run up and down the folds of your roof and can be made with UniCote Steel or UniZinc.

Tile valleys are another great way of managing rainwater on your roof, especially during the heavy rains of a Brisbane summer. Protect your tiled roof with these specially designed valleys from Rollsec.

Finish off the edges of your metal roofing with custom-made barge capping from Rollsec. Our barge capping is designed to create a uniform look and is available in custom colours and lengths.

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