Rollsec is one of very few suppliers of MagnaFlow™ metal roofing in Queensland. If you’re looking for high quality metal roofing supplies that will withstand the harsh Australian climate then the MagnaFlow™ range of products is an ideal choice.

MagnaFlow™ steel has the latest in modern roofing technology. It will actually self-heal surface damage, extending product life and reducing maintenance costs.

Colour Range

Off White

Off White

UniCote Steel Color - Birch


Armour Grey

Slate Grey

Slate Grey



Product Overview

MagnaFlow™ is a three-tier roofing system

  • Top layer: Zinc/Aluminium/Magnesium
  • Middle layer: Steel substrate
  • Bottom layer: Zinc/Aluminium/Magnesium

How MagnaFlow™ Self-Repairs

The MagnaFlow™ repair process is both fascinating and highly efficient:

  • If an area of the roof is scratched or penetrated, magnesium flows into the affected areas and seals the damage.
  • The seal protects the damaged zones from water, oxygen and corrosive deterioration, stopping the progressive decay of the metal caused by rust.
  • The name MagnaFlow™ is derived from the magnesium flow process.

The self-repairing characteristics of MagnaFlow™ also prevent the spread of corrosion in roofing. This maintains the integrity of the roofing panels and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Durability and Resistance to Environmental Conditions

MagnaFlow™ resists all the typical factors that cause metal roofing deterioration. This product has been specifically designed to deliver exceptional quality standards in the very toughest environments. MagnaFlow™ is highly resistant to tough climate conditions and has the following qualities:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Heat resistance

Product Benefits

MagnaFlow™ products deliver excellent value and cost efficiency:

  • Excellent durability and product life
  • Ideal for the Queensland climate
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Lower corrosion and surface deterioration
  • Australia/New Zealand Standard compliant
  • ISO standard product performance compliant
  • Good cost/risk management values

Our MagnaFlow™ Metal Roofing Supplies

Rollsec’s range is ideal for practical roofing solutions for Queensland homes and businesses. It is ideal for all buildings from beachfront homes through to suburban properties. Our MagnaFlow™ products cover all roofing and cladding needs:

  • Roofing
  • Wall cladding
  • Guttering
  • Fascia and more

Warranty Enquiries

If you would like to know about warranties, complete a MagnaFlow™ Warranty Enquiry Form today.

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