You can pick up your roofing supplies from Rollsec’s Brisbane location at 853 Nudgee Rd, Northgate, QLD 4013. You should consider these key points before picking up your products.

Dispatch Collection

Rollsec have a dispatch area where customers can collect their roofing materials. Our team members will happily assist with loading your vehicle. They are trained to handle roofing products without causing damage and can help load materials onto your vehicle securely.

Before You Collect

Before collecting your roofing supplies, our team members are obliged to check that:

  • The vehicle being loaded is roadworthy
  • Loading the vehicle will not breach road transport regulations
  • The driver picking up the materials is not behaving as though they are affected by drugs or alcohol

Rollsec team members will help load vehicles according to the customer’s wishes, as long as the load is secure. If the roofing products cannot be safely loaded onto your vehicle, we can arrange for the materials to be delivered to a specified address. Alternatively, we can hold onto your roofing supplies until you return with a more suitable vehicle.

Safety Considerations

There are key safety issues to consider when you pick up your roofing materials from Rollsec:

  • Follow the directions of Rollsec team members when you a driving onto the site
  • Observe Rollsec’s traffic management plan for the pickup area
  • Beware of forklifts and other surrounding items
  • Children should be supervised at all times. During the loading process, they should stay in the vehicle or remain at a safe distance away.
  • Do not smoke in the pickup area
  • Do not abandon your vehicle and roofing materials in the pickup area
  • You are responsible for supplying the appropriate equipment and load restraining devices to secure the load.
  • Take note of legal load projection limits, which determine what types of loads your vehicle can transport.

For more information about picking up your roofing supplies from Rollsec’s Brisbane location, contact our friendly team.