Your roof is one of the most important weather protectors and insulators in your house. Choosing what material it is made out of is an important decision for builders and homeowners alike. Each material, including corrugated steel and shingle tiles, has its own benefits.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are known for having particularly long lifespans, often up to 75 years, and therefore comparable warranties. There is also often a wide selection of tiles that many prefer aesthetically, available in many sizes and shapes — including Roman, Spanish, Flats, and Shakes, with commonly beautiful colours such as reds, greens, and browns. You’ll most often see tile roofing on older and extremely sturdy buildings.

Steel Roofing

Corrugated steel has become the preference for many Australians building modern homes for several reasons.

Matching the Australian Climate

Steel roofing in Brisbane is a popular choice because it is designed to withstand harsh climates, including bushfires, severe wind, and cyclones. In severe hail storms, steel may be dented — while tiles are often broken in the same weather. Whereas tiles are difficult to seal against embers, steel sheeting has been thoroughly tested to remain intact and act as a deterrent in fires.

Easy to Install and Maintain

One of the benefits of steel roofing is that it requires very little maintenance compared to tiles. Although gutters will need to be cleaned out with both types of roofs, tiles require regular ridge pointing and tile replacement, while steel roofs generally do not.

In order to waterproof your roof, you only require a professional roofer with corrugated steel sheeting. With tiles, you will require a licensed plumber in addition to a roofer, making the process more expensive and less streamlined.

A Much Lighter Material

Steel roofing material is 83% lighter than tiles, making them suitable for any roof, whereas tiles can only really be used on extremely heavy and particularly structurally resilient buildings. This lighter material also leads to lower transportation costs and fees. Because tiles are ultra-absorbent, they retain water and become much heavier during storms. Having an absorbent roof means a higher chance of leaks — which can be prevented with proper steel roof installation.

Durable Security

Steel roofing is secured with screws at regular intervals, unlike tiles, which are randomly nailed in. This creates a much more stable and secure roof, which is less likely to be damaged over time.

UniCote Steel Roofing

UniCote is triedand tested pre-painted steel that leads the market. It lasts longer than other similar products and is guaranteed to protect in the harsh Australian climate. We have 22 colours to choose from to give you the best selection for your roof.

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