New To Rollsec: Architectural Cladding

Architectural cladding is fast becoming a popular option for building and construction in Australia. It offers a unique opportunity for you to express style and make a statement. In fact, it is ‘The Next Big Thing’ in global exterior design.   What is Architectural Cladding? Different from its predecessor, the standard cladding used in Australia [...]

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The Benefits of Building with UniCote Lux Steel in Brisbane

As steel manufacturers for builders and architects in the construction industry, Rollsec understands how important it is to be using a combination of quality materials and current trends. UniCote Lux is a premium type of steel that is highly durable, non-combustible, and tests in accordance to AS 1530-3. It stands up to Australia’s harsh climate, [...]

Introducing Architectural Cladding

  The latest architectural cladding is a quiet revolution in exterior design, backed up by excellent technical capabilities. This type of cladding is considered to be “The Next Big Thing” in global exterior design, and it is making its point unambiguously. It’s unusual for construction professionals to get this enthusiastic about a new type of [...]

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