Architectural cladding is fast becoming a popular option for building and construction in Australia. It offers a unique opportunity for you to express style and make a statement. In fact, it is ‘The Next Big Thing’ in global exterior design.


What is Architectural Cladding?

Different from its predecessor, the standard cladding used in Australia for many years, the new architectural cladding is a revolution in cladding being extremely versatile, reliable durable and highly cost effective. Used in a variety of commercial and industrial designs, it is fast becoming a popular building material to cover a wide range of structural exteriors. It’s used for many different purposes like:

  • Exterior upgrades
  • Practical wall cladding
  • Feature walls
  • Wall decoration
  • Personal design preferences


What are its Main Benefits?

For those working in construction and building, be prepared to get excited about this new architectural cladding, as it offers you the following amazing benefits:

  • Stylish exterior design (high aesthetic appeal)
  • Excellent protective barrier
  • Excellent technical capabilities
  • Highly flexible (can be used in any type of building or architectural space)
  • Lower pricing to traditional materials
  • High durability for multiple design contexts
  • Suits multiple climates
  • Hassle-free Maintenance
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Available in a wide range of colours


Our Range of Architectural Cladding

For the very latest range in architectural cladding, don’t look past the new Pinnacle range which takes its inspiration from the best in European design. Made up of four stylish profiles it is aesthetically pleasing, offers versatility and has been created to convey strong bold textures suitable for any architectural design.



With deep, slender ribs and wide, flat pans you can make a bold statement with this cladding. Using a concealed fixing system for a clean finish, it can also be tailored to your own specifications. It is available in a variety of different finishes like UniCote, Magnaflow and UniCote Lux.



This versatile and stylish panel design can run vertically, horizontally or angled. It gives you an aesthetically pleasing contemporary solution for any structure and is available in a variety of different finishes like UniCote, Magnaflow and UniCote Lux.



Made up of broad flat pans and tall slender ribs, it creates an eye-catching, clean design. This panel gives you the option of two different fixing systems (Alpine Nail Strip & Alpine Snap Lock) that allow you to use the panel for either roof or wall cladding. It’s a simple design which is available in a variety of finishes to help create the look you want.



Integrity is a popular choice for your projects that must meet pre-existing systems. Offering a versatile profile, it can be customised to suit your specifications. It also comes in equivalent weights to other common facades. It is available in a range of finishes like UniCote, Magnaflow and UniCote Lux.


Global Reputation

In both Europe and the US, architectural cladding is widely used; both for its aesthetic appeal and for its all-round climate applications. Many Australian architects and designers are now following suit and starting to apply it for the commercial building sphere.


Accredited Roof Installer

Make sure to always get your architectural cladding installed by an accredited roofing installer who is fully trained, qualified and adheres to strict manufacturing specifications.

Our range of architectural cladding is the latest on the market, offering you a broad spectrum of design choices and excellent architectural solutions. To find out more and to get a quote just contact the team at Rollsec today and we’ll be happy to assist.