Properties in coastal areas are subject to much more extreme weather and threat from corrosion due to salt spray or salt in the wind. This can be highly inconvenient and costly to deal with, especially on large commercial or industrial properties. However, this doesn’t mean you have to deal with these problems when you have metal sheeting for roofing supplies or cladding. You just need to find the right products.

Both Magnaflow and Colorbond Ultra are especially designed for severe coastal and industrial environments. Below, we look at how they compare.


Colorbond Ultra

Colorbond Ultra is a great choice when you’re looking for attractive and long-lasting roofing supplies that provide excellent protection against severe environments. Colorbond developed this product to provide superior corrosion resistance for buildings close to the sea. It does this by using multiple protective coatings and a unique production process.

Colorbond Ultra features a 200 g/m2 (AZ200) metallic (55 per cent Al-Zn alloy) coating, which means for every square metre of steel, there is a minimum of 200 grams of 55 per cent Al-Zn alloy coating. The higher metallic coating class and the unique protective paint system means Colorbond Ultra is one of the best materials available for harsh environments.



Magnaflow is a truly unique product. Not only is it highly corrosion resistant but it is capable of self-repairing. This is achieved thanks to the magic of magnesium. Magnaflow uses microscopic amounts of magnesium that flows into scratches and seals any damaged areas. This stops the spreading of corrosion in your roofing, meaning fewer maintenance requirements and replacement costs.

Colorbond Ultra is arguably just as durable, but even the most durable materials will eventually suffer from some cracks and scratches over time in harsh environments. Everything from UV exposure and excessive heat to high winds and falling debris can damage metal roofs. The self-repairing capabilities of Magnaflow therefore make it the superior product for those looking for a lasting roofing solution.


How Magnaflow Works

There are three tiers to Magnaflow roofing. The top and bottom layers are made from zinc, aluminium and magnesium. The middle layer is made from a durable steel substrate. When the top layer is damaged, magnesium flows out of the metal into the split, and seals it before the steel substrate comes under any stress.

With Magnaflow roofing, gutters and downpipes, you can enjoy an unprecedented level of durability and product lifespan. Magnaflow is compliant with all Australian and New Zealand standards, making it perfect for any buildings from beachfront homes to large industrial factories.


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