Magnaflow vs Colorbond Ultra

Properties in coastal areas are subject to much more extreme weather and threat from corrosion due to salt spray or salt in the wind. This can be highly inconvenient and costly to deal with, especially on large commercial or industrial properties. However, this doesn’t mean you have to deal with these problems when you have [...]

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What are Insulated Panels Best Used For?

Choosing the right materials for your roofing, whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial project, it comes down to finding a solution that will withstand the harsh Queensland weather and won’t cost an arm and a leg to install. Insulated roof panels come in many thicknesses, colours and materials, so it can be tough to [...]

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The Benefits of Building with UniCote Lux Steel in Brisbane

As steel manufacturers for builders and architects in the construction industry, Rollsec understands how important it is to be using a combination of quality materials and current trends. UniCote Lux is a premium type of steel that is highly durable, non-combustible, and tests in accordance to AS 1530-3. It stands up to Australia’s harsh climate, [...]

Working with a Professional Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Rollsec takes pride in providing industry professionals with high quality sheet metal. In this article, we explore the benefits of using a professional service like ours.   Delivery One of the highest benefits of working with a professional sheet metal manufacturer is having the opportunity to have your sheet metal delivered straight to you, which [...]

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Simple Options for Improving the Appearance of Your Home

When it comes to selling property, the street appeal can make or break a deal for potential buyers. Street appeal is all about creating good first impressions. It’s the first things a buyer sees when the view the place and sets expectations about the rest of the property. Getting it right can add significant value. [...]

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How Asbestos Roof Removal Works

Asbestos roofs are still in place on older houses throughout Australia and they are basically a ticking time bomb. While intact and undamaged, an asbestos roof won’t harm you but it can release potentially deadly fibres if it begins to crumble and degrade in any way. As such, getting your asbestos roof removed and replaced [...]

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How to Take out Insurance That Covers Your Roof Properly

Insurance is often fraught with loopholes and complexities, and when there are issues with your roof, it often won’t cover certain aspects. In this article, we will explore how insurance works with roofs so that you know what is involved so you can properly advise your clients. Policy Tips Before home-owners can take out a [...]

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How to Have a Roof for All Seasons

In this article, we will explore how to design a roof that will be in top condition throughout all the seasons. Summer Summer is one of the nicer seasons for roofs as it doesn’t cause as much damage as other seasons can. During summer, roofs and gutters should be replaced if neccessary. Hazard: Overgrown Trees [...]

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