How to Match Your Roof to Your Home and Landscape

Choosing a roof that compliments homes, yards, surroundings, and neighbourhoods is truly an art form. It’s important to know the ins and outs of roof styles, colours, and trends so you can make a roofing decision that works with the other components of a home and the landscape it resides on. Follow our tips and [...]

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Latest Roofing News, Innovations, and Trends

It’s 2018, and the latest metal roofing trends are in. Keeping up to date on the latest innovations, colours, styles, etc. can work wonders for the success of your business. At Rollsec, we’re dedicated to keeping you well-informed so you can make profitable decisions when it comes to purchasing high-demand materials.   Colour Trends   [...]

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Let’s Look at Sheet Metal Inside Out

At Rollsec, we’re interested in providing industry professionals with sheet metal that is of the highest quality. But what is it that makes sheet metal what it is? What separates the good from the bad? We’re here to provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing metal for [...]

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Tax Time for Your Building Business – The Essentials!

If you’re in the building trade, tax time may not be your favourite time of year. The sheer number of items which may show up on your books, in various degrees of cost and levels of frustration, is hardly appealing. The critical thing to know about this taxing time of year, however, is that there [...]

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Latest News and Insights into the Australian Commercial Building Sphere

Commercial building in Australia is undergoing a major refocus in terms of scale, and depth. The redevelopment of Australia’s commercial building spaces is well underway around the nation. The trends are interesting, in both commercial and technical aspects.   The Quiet but Huge Boom in Commercial Building It’s not just the big projects like Barangaroo [...]

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The Importance of Safety and Insurance for Trade Professionals

 All trades professionals have insurance. The big issue is whether that insurance is up to date, covers risks, and covers major liabilities. Onsite safety is another major issue, and it’s not just workers at risk. Your business can be at risk, in context with your insurance, if safety compliance isn’t up to scratch.   Insurance [...]

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Our Favourite Building Trends for 2018

Building is an ever-changing landscape of new and fascinating things; designs, new products, and much more. Every building trend creates new options, new ideas and new opportunities. In this article we will discuss our favourite building trends for 2018.   Roofing One of the more surprising major trends has been the “Metal Roofing Revolution”. Everyone [...]

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Creating a Supreme Outdoor Space/Backyard

If you’re looking at doing something about creating an outdoor space, a word of advice – consider what you can put in to that space and compare your options before you spend a cent. We have a few ideas for you, and some useful basic principles which will help you create a fabulous new outdoor [...]

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Builder’s School 101: Top Tips for Selecting Products

Any experienced builder will tell you that product selection is critical to basic business. There are a lot of things to look out for when selecting building materials. Finding good suppliers who stock the top-quality products you need is also very important. Let’s take a closer look.   Product Selection Musts The biggest issue for [...]

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