Roofing trends are developing all across Australia, which is why in this piece, we explore a variety of roofs that are popular in 2019.


The Green Roof

One of the newest innovations in Australia is the creation of the Green Roof: a flat surfaced roof that’s often made of concrete with a thick layer of soil laid on top of it. What makes it green, however, is the vegetation which is planted into the soil and seen growing atop the roof. Although the vegetation differs in different areas of Queensland, it tends to be mossy, green and low-growing.


This type of roof is most suitable for contemporary, modern homes. It adds a look of freshness and sustainability, while also appearing unique and new. Aside from the aesthetic qualities, it is also sustainable, as it provides a habitat which wildlife, especially birds, can live in. It also directs the flow of rainwater by either absorbing it or controlling its flow. These sorts of homes often do not need gutters for this reason. Another reason the green roof is well-loved is that it provides insulation for homes in a way that other roofs may not.


There are several cons to having a green roof. Firstly, they are most suitable for only contemporary homes. Secondly, they also require upkeep. In the event of risky weather conditions – which Queensland often has – it would be directly affected, and the owner would have to pay special consideration in the event of droughts and heavy rains.



The skillion roof is emerging as a popular trend in contemporary Queensland homes, as it has a significant pitch and makes the house stand out amongst other townhouses that may look similar.

Pros and Cons

Although the skillion gives a home a unique look and maximises ceiling height in a certain area, it may cause draining issues if gutters are not properly installed.



The butterfly roof is similarly popular with those wishing to give their home a distinct contemporary look. It involves merging two skillion roofs with a box gutter placed in the middle so the roof resembles a butterfly.

Pros and Cons

The butterfly roof is instantly recognisable and stands out from other homes and roofs. It also eliminates the need for a gutter by directing water to flow into the box gutter in between both skillions.

However, the butterfly roof is difficult to create and engineer, and it may not be suitable for every home and space.



The gable roof is a well-loved traditional roof; easily recognisable due to its distinctive triangular shape.

Pros and Cons

One of the major pros of the gable roof is that it allows owners to have enough space for a fully functional and well-spaced attic upstairs. However, the gable home may not be suitable for a homeowner looking to give their home a distinct and modern finish.


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