When it comes to selling property, the street appeal can make or break a deal for potential buyers. Street appeal is all about creating good first impressions. It’s the first things a buyer sees when the view the place and sets expectations about the rest of the property. Getting it right can add significant value. Below are some simple ways you can do this.


Fresh Coat of Paint

Never underestimate how much a new coat of paint can refresh and modernise an old, tired looking place, especially if the existing paint job is fading or chipped. Use a nice, neutral colour scheme that suits the style and era of the house as well as the surrounding houses on the street.



A stunning lawn and garden can do wonders for how a property looks overall. Keep grass looking healthy and trimmed, get rid of weeds and plant some flowers in the garden. Some simple, inexpensive options include lavender and jasmine, which also add a beautiful fragrance.


Update Your Fencing

Old, worn or outdated fencing can ruin the appeal of the entire home. Whether you need to replace it with something more stylish or modern or simply repaint it to freshen it up, updating your fencing is a good idea. If you’re replacing your existing fence, choose a fence that will match the look of the house and enhance its best features. You don’t want it to hide the house, you want it to frame it nicely.


Power Wash

Your driveway, paths, porch and other areas can be revitalised with a good cleaning from a power washer. Remove years of dirt and grime and make the place appear like its new. If you don’t own a power washer, they are relatively cheap to hire from a hardware store.


Keep Eyesores Out of Sight

Keep things like bins, air conditioning units and electrical boxes out of sight whenever possible. If that’s not possible, try to offset their presence with other features like plants and nice outdoor furniture.


Upgrade Hardware and Other Small Features

Updating small things like the hardware on the front door can also refresh the property. Choose a colour that contrasts with your door’s paint colour, such as black hardware on a white door or brass hardware on a black door. Other features you can update include your mailbox and house numbers.


A New Roof

The roof is one of the most visible aspects of a house. It’s also one its most important features. Prospective buyers will want a house with an attractive and high-quality roof that is durable and will have a long lifespan. If you need to replace an old, tired looking roof, metal roofing is the best option when it comes to strength, colour retention, cost-effectiveness and looking great.


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