Building a roof doesn’t simply involve choosing materials and colours to match your requirements – it is much more complex than that. In this article, we will explore a variety of accessories that you should consider for roof designs.

Roofing Screws

Roofs aren’t held together by glue and luck – which is where roofing screws come in. Roofing screws are often used to hold together metal roofing sheets and wall cladding. As metal roofing sheets differ in sizes, shapes and colours, so do roofing screws. They are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and applicability for materials. Whether you are fixing onto metal, steel or timber, there is a roofing screw available for you.

Fascia Accessories

Fascia is used for several purposes, one of which being a base to attach gutters to, another as a cover between the spaces existing between eaves, walls and roofs.

Fascia accessories are used to supplement the fascia – sometimes as a way to renovate or repair it. Accessories include:

  • Barge Mitres: Can replace external corners.
  • Rafter Brackets: Connects metal fascia to rafters.
  • Snap Clips: Used along stiffener brackets to install gutters with metal fascia.
  • Fascia Joiners: As the name suggests, joins two pieces of metal fascia together.

Varied Accessories

Some roof accessories may be minor and used for fix-ups and small repairs. These include:

  • Touch-Up Paint: Should be acrylic and fast-drying for optimum results.
  • Silicone: Used as a sealer for gutters.
  • Dektites: If there is a penetrating pipe or post in the roof, dektites come highly recommended to seal it off.
  • Duct Tape: A classic tool that should exist in every toolbox, as it can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Screws
  • Rivets: Available in a variety of colours and can be attached into metal.
  • Infill Strips: When there is an opening at the end of your roof strips that requires closing, infill strips can be applied. They are available in a variety of shapes for different roof profiles.

Gutter Accessories

Leaves, water and occasionally sport balls can be caught in gutters. Gutter accessories ensure the upkeep and durability of these crucial parts of roofs.

  • Patio Strips: Used to stiffen your gutter.
  • Round Downpipe Drops: Connects the guttering to the downpipe. They can also come in a square shape.
  • Concealed Brackets: Can be placed into the gutter internally.

Downpipe Accessories

Guttering and downpipe accessories come hand-in-hand. These include:

  • Downpipe Clip: These can be ordered in both round and square shapes.
  • Downpipe Elbow: These can come in a variety of colours to suit your downpipe.
  • Downpipe Drop: Connects gutters to downpipes.

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