Commercial building in Australia is undergoing a major refocus in terms of scale, and depth. The redevelopment of Australia’s commercial building spaces is well underway around the nation. The trends are interesting, in both commercial and technical aspects.


The Quiet but Huge Boom in Commercial Building

It’s not just the big projects like Barangaroo which are making commercial building a new frontier. The larger scale approach is also based on better use of space, particularly in Sydney and other highly developed centres. The large scales are also being applied to projects like the new Amazon centre in Melbourne, and projects which are effectively hybrid residential/ commercial spaces.


The Mega Trends

A lot of this building is redevelopment, in many ways, but there are some major trends which are redirecting the focus of building and design. The old commercial buildings have reached their Use By date, and they need to be replaced. They’re dinosaurs, and not at all suitable to operate as Smart Buildings, for example.

Fortunately, developers, planners and architects are looking well ahead, anticipating future demands. The rise of Medium Density zoning in Sydney, in particular, is redefining what commercial spaces are expected to do, as well as their design criteria.

These mega trends are basically rebuilding Australia’s commercial property market. The building industry is going with these trends and building in high quality standards. Part building booms weren’t famous for quality, just quantity. This big sector-wide refocus is very different. The new wave of building is based as much on precision manufacturing standards, covering everything from roofing to underground car parks.


Developments – Complex Architecture, Better Building

New commercial developments are being helped by advanced design technologies, and some good business sense on the part of developers. If new commercial space designs are more complex, better building solutions are covering these needs well.

Developers are using a mix of science and builders’ expertise to manage the demand for big, new, drastically different commercial spaces. If you take the time to study a development for a commercial building complex, you’ll note:

Emphasis on quality standards: This applies to everything from metal roofing to downpipes, structural specifications, and more. The charge to top quality is as much cultural as physical, in many ways. Expectations are high, and the bar is therefore set a lot higher for building standards.

It’s fair to say that if the new commercial buildings look impressive, it’s because they are actually impressive. These designs are comprehensively structured, designed to an unheard-of degree of precision. They’re cost-effective to build, and cost-efficient as modern commercial spaces. The future of Australian commercial spaces is looking good.


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