UniCote steel is a highly durable and cost effective alternative in coloured steel, making it our first choice for looking great and holding up in the harsh Brisbane Queensland climate.


Benefits of UniCote


UniCote is a pre-painted sheet metal with hot dipped aluminium and zinc alloy for excellent durability. The paint system used is proven to provide resistance to chipping, peeling or cracking as well as offering great colour retention and high formability.

UniCote Steel has undergone rigorous performance testing which includes tests on the following:

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Bending
  • Heat Resistance
  • Salt Spray
  • Humidity Resistance
  • QUV Resistance (durability of the coating system)

UniCote Steel starts with a substrate, that is then pre-treated, primed, coated on the top and bottom and finally finished with a gloss. These steps allow for a highly durable roofing material that is made to last long past the 30-year warranty and the 20-year paint warranty.



UniCote is one of the most competitively priced products on the market. By lowering the cost of pre-painted steel, UniCote helps to increase accessibility and affordability for roofing and fencing needs in Australia. For tradespeople and DIY aficionados alike, Unicote steel is ideal choice.



One of the greatest benefits of UniCote sheet metal is that it can be used and tailored to any size and shape. It has performed well as roofing material, as well as in other applications including fencing, garage doors, and more.



UniCote sheet metal is one of the few quality pre-painted steels — and because it’s so cost effective compared to others, it’s more accessible than ever to fit your roof with the style of the house you’re building. It comes in more than twenty colours, so you can get the most tailored roofing materials for your commercial project or house.


Caring for UniCote Steel

Reducing corrosion

One of the most common and direct causes of corrosion is when metals that are dissimilar come in direct contact and react to one another. In order to reduce corrosion, make sure you do not have water dripping from copper or brass directly onto UniCote. This includes tanalised timber which contains copper. Furthermore, lead flashings should not be used in conjunction with your UniCote corrugated steel.

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