Modern steel fabrication, new products, and new building ideas have revolutionised modern construction methods. Today’s builders choose steel for better building quality, higher standards of living and effective design options for residential and commercial buildings.

From high-quality steel roofing to the structural base of a building, steel has continued to prove itself as a versatile, attractive and superior material.

The Beauty of Steel

The beauty of steel can be summarised in the results it has produced. Modern steel fabrication has resulted in better buildings, better designs, greater energy efficiency, and improved standards of living. Buildings that would have been impossible or prohibitively expensive to build in the past are now commonplace thanks to steel.

Architectural technology has been the driver behind new steel designs. For example, CAD design now allows you to provide specifications for every single weld in a skyscraper or design in a custom home. This allows you to plan for and visualise the possibilities for homes, commercial properties or even entire prefabricated modern buildings.

The Benefits

The benefits of steel start with your budget. It is a relatively cheap material and it’s flexible for building, able to be configured into any kind of design. Reduced costs have also been a major factor in the exploration of new architectural techniques and ideas.

The cost factor underpins the practical aspects of building advanced architecture. Steel makes big spaces much more cost-viable, delivering value from the design screens to the end users.

Building with Steel: How Modern Roofing Reflects Advances in Architecture

New steel roofing materials are fabricated to deliver excellent roofing space, size, and architectural choices. Insulated metal roofs are the simplest and best way to provide roofing for bigger buildings and they come with the advantage of long product lives. Metal roofing can also scale with your property, making large homes and commercial spaces much more affordable to build and maintain.

Whether your building is residential or commercial, large or small, a metal roof will provide:

  • High-quality materials for building
  • A strong roof frame immune to termites, mould, frame warping and other usual problems with conventional roofing
  • Cheaper installation costs
  • Much longer product life
  • Lower maintenance requirements and lower maintenance costs

You can see why architects, designers and builders don’t need much convincing when it comes to using steel roofing. This is the no-nonsense approach to both design and construction.

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