At Rollsec, we specialise in providing high quality metal roofing supplies. Metal roofs are the best option when it comes to installing solar panels on your home as they are light and highly durable. They also tend to better match the appearance of solar panels, especially if your metal roof is a darker shade.


Better Lifespan and Warranty Match

Solar panels have an average lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Asphalt shingles have a lifespan of around 20 years at maximum meaning your solar panels can outlive your roof. Metal roofing on the other hand, lasts around 25 years as well making it a good match for solar panels.

Roof shingles are prone to damage from weathering or impact. Repairing damaged shingles can be a hassle in general but more so when you have to remove and reinstall your solar panels to undertake repairs. Modern galvanised metal roofs on the other hand are the most durable roofing material available.


Mounting Solar Panels on a Metal Roof is Easy

To install a solar panel, the process typically requires drilling holes in your roof to attach the mounting for the solar panels. If you have a metal roof with standing seams however, your solar panel installer usually won’t need to make any holes in the roof at all. Instead, the mounting can be attached to standing seams.

If you have a corrugated metal roof, straddle blocks can be installed on the top ridges of the roof where the panels can be installed on. If holes are required, reputable solar panel installers always guarantee their work and it’s rarely a cause for concern.


Maximise the Eco-Friendliness of Your Home

Eco-friendliness is usually important for homeowners interested in getting solar panels. Metal roofing is the eco-friendliest roofing options available, as it is 100 per cent recyclable and all metal roof products today are at least partially made from recycled materials.

By pairing solar panels with metal roofing, you are creating the eco-friendliest home possible. Solar panels also maximise the cooling benefits of a metal roof by shading parts of your roof. This adds to the capability of a metal roof to insulate your home, keeping it cooler in summer.


Solar Panel Installation Companies are Used to Metal Roofing

Solar panels are widely used in the industrial and commercial sector. Most of these buildings use metal roofing as they are the most cost-effective and durable, making them appropriate for large scale applications. This means solar panel installation companies are generally more familiar with installing panels on metal roofing than other types of roofing meaning the process is more tried and tested.


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