Steel roofing is incredibly tough and it doesn’t often need maintenance. Despite this, it’s still important to know the signs of possible roof problems and how to deal with them. We’re going to give you a brief overview of these issues so you can visualise the problems and implement the solutions.

Basic Roof Maintenance

The good news for building owners is that steel roof maintenance is cheap, fast, and minimally disruptive. Unless it’s a truly huge repair or replacement job, you’ll barely notice the work being done. Steel roofs are repaired systematically with damaged materials being removed and replaced.

Structural issues may be involved but they’re usually not too dramatic, either. Replacing or repairing steel roofing structures is also pretty quick, in most cases, and your maintenance professionals will be able to rectify problems very efficiently.

Does Your Steel Roof Need Maintenance?

The basic rule with steel roofing is that if something looks wrong, it probably is. Be suspicious of anything which seems out of position, in particular.

The things you really need to focus on are inspecting your roof regularly and knowing how to recognise any symptoms of problems.

Things to look out for:

  • Roof exterior surface: Look for any signs of sheet damage, particularly after storms. Loose, bent, or flapping sheets should be fixed immediately.
  • Sheet movement: Sheet metal panels aren’t supposed to move. They may come loose in extreme weather or as a result of years of wear. Any signs of gaps in joins, in particular, need to be fixed to prevent entry of water into the building.
  • Corrosion: Modern painted metal roofing doesn’t rust much, if at all. Rust usually occurs because of panel damage, like a tree branch falling on your roof. If you notice rust on your roof, check the panel and apply appropriate Touch-Up paint.
  • Insulation issues: Your insulation should not be discoloured in any way. If it is, there may be a leak in that part of the roof. Don’t ignore this issue. A leak can penetrate into your house and cause serious damage, particularly if it comes into contact with electrical wiring or connections.
  • Interior structure: It’s very rare for a steel roofing structure to have any problems, but it’s worth examining any supports like battens to see if they’re aligned properly or not. All supports should be 100% parallel and aligned the same. If not, you may have a structural issue.
  • Older roofs: Older metal roofs are very different from modern roofing. An expert roofer should inspect any signs of deterioration. Play safe with these old roofs, because the problems could be quite infuriating and also expensive to fix.

Need Some Expert Help with Your Roof in Brisbane?

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