Deciding what colour your metal roof can be exciting — it means you’ve reached a stage in your building process where you can see the finished product approaching and you will be able to enjoy the durability and longevity of a finished corrugated steel roof.

UniCote pre-painted steel is the world’s leading colour steel and is available for roofs, decks, fences, garages, and more. With 22 colours available and a 20 year paint and 30 year perforation warranty, it’s not surprising that many Australians are choosing this product. Here are a few considerations when choosing what colour your roof should be.

Your House Style

The style of your house will have a major impact on the colour roof you choose. If you decide on heritage style architecture, such as a traditional Queenslander home, you may wish to choose colours such as Caulfield Green or Heritage Red.

If you have a farmhouse or ranch design, you may want to pick a bolder red, black, or brown, such as Heritage Red, Monolith, or Ebony. For those with a sleek contemporary design, consider a bright colour, such as Birch, Gull Grey or Off White. No matter what style of house you have, you’re sure to find a colour on the UniCote colour palette that suits the aesthetic style you choose.

Other Finishes and Colours on Your House

Whether you are starting to build from scratch or reroofing, you likely have some elements of the exterior already chosen — such as gates, walls, siding, decks, patios, or window frames. Coordinating colours with these other finishes is a great starting point when choosing your roof. Roofs should be complementary to the major other colours around – particularly the siding – and match accessory colours such as window trimmings.

Your Environmental Surroundings

Where your house is situated is an important factor when choosing what colour to build your roof. Incorporating similar colours as nature — whether it is beachy sand or forest green, is a way to make your house blend seamlessly with the environmental surroundings.

If you are in a more suburban area with fewer natural surroundings, you may consider whether you want to coordinate your roof colour with nearby houses, or change in order to stand out. If your block is all on a particular colour scheme, consider completing the aesthetic set or contrasting it altogether.

Other Considerations

You should also consider what is good for the value of the house in the long term. Durability, insulation, performance, and security of the roof should be at the forefront of these considerations. However, the overall aesthetic of the house plays an important role in the value of your property. Reroofing with a colour that completes a particular aesthetic look may be a good way to renovate in order to increase your equity if you own your home.

You should also consult with your licensed roofer to make sure the colour options you decide on are available and suitable to your roofing materials needs.

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