If you’re looking for guttering and downpipes, be aware – there are a lot of different types on the market, and the choices can be a bit baffling. The good news, however, is that it’s pretty straightforward to get the right guttering and downpipes with a bit of research and practical support from the experts.

You need guttering that is tough, durable, and will manage high volumes of water. Every dollar you spend on your guttering reduces the likely costs of leaks, overflows, and other nuisances, so consider costs carefully and think about your choices.


Types of Guttering

Modern guttering is typically either “quad” or “squareline” guttering.  Both of these profiles are popular options and come in some impressive colour choices for matching to your exterior. There’s a good range of sizes available, too, including options like Hi-Flow Guttering, which is designed to deal with large volumes of water.

Size does matter when it comes to guttering. If you’re replacing old guttering with new guttering, you’ll often see that modern gutters are quite a bit deeper and bigger. Generally speaking, a larger gutter will be more efficient in quickly removing water from the roof. Just make sure the gutters you choose are made to suit your roofing.


Types of Downpipes

Downpipes are usually round or square. Square downpipes are designed to fit flush with walls using dedicated clips. Round pipes are clip-attached to walls or free standing in some older homes.

The big consideration with downpipes is capacity. A downpipe is required to carry water away as fast as possible to prevent backflow. If you live in an area where the wet season dumps a lot of rain, a bigger downpipe (like bigger guttering) is the best choice. Larger downpipes are less likely to block, too, which is another consideration.

Downpipes also come in a truly huge range of colours. Like your guttering, you can make a choice to match your exterior design and get an excellent result.


Buying Your Guttering and Downpipes

Now for the best news – top quality guttering and downpipes aren’t expensive. Even on a truly modest budget, you can usually afford top of the line products. It’s an investment in protecting your home, so your money definitely won’t be wasted.

Talk to the experts, tell them what you need, and if you’re having problems with your existing guttering or downpipes, they’ll have the solutions for you. For example, an existing downpipe that always clogs usually means you need a bigger downpipe to handle rainwater volumes and ensure debris is flushed out.


Looking for New Guttering and Downpipes in Brisbane?

A quick chat can solve a lot of problems. If you’re trying to find top quality guttering and downpipes in Brisbane, call Rollsec. We have everything you need, including a great range of colour choices. Call us anytime. We’ll be happy to help.