Safe gutter installation is very important for those wishing to undertake DIY projects. If this applies to you, continue reading this handy guide Rollsec has put together in order to assist with the safe installation of gutters.



Planning is key for all projects, but especially for those which involve DIY work. When it comes to safety, planning is also very important.

The first step involves evaluating the wood. If a customer has rotting wood, the first step will involve the replacement of wood before any gutters will be put up.

The next step involves measuring where the gutter will be placed along the exterior of the client’s home. Measurements must include inside and outside corners, endcaps and downspouts. The more thorough the measurements, the easier it will be during the order process.


The Rain Gutters

After measurements have been completed, it is time to select the rain gutters. Some clients will be interested in accessories like ready-made corners for rain gutters that involve minimal DIY work. Other clients will prefer to make their own corners which involve purchasing extra lengths of gutter and mitring them together themselves. Either way, Rollsec cuts all gutters to length for you and delivers all of the materials to your home, making it so much easier to install rain gutters safely and properly.


Downspouts and Outlets

After the gutters have been joined, the next step involves adding downspouts and outlets. During this step, it is vital that the client checks for any obstructions and remove them. When installing downspouts and outlets, it is also important to involve a slight slope. This helps eliminate standing water, therefore decreasing the chances of corrosion and leaking through seams.


Hanging Gutter Sections

Mark the gutter slope and then attach the gutter to the fascia. Take care when doing this and ensure that you are drilling according to your original plans.



After the installation of gutters, it is vital that they are properly maintained. This can be achieved through cleaning the gutters twice a year or engaging with an expert team that specialises in gutter maintenance and cleaning. This will increase the life of your gutters and also eliminate other problems, like water corrosion and clogging.



All of these steps involve consideration, planning and careful judgement, therefore increasing safety and helping the installation of gutters be successful. This is only a basic guide on the installation of gutters and we recommend gutters always be installed by an experienced professional.


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