Rollsec provide a comprehensive range of rainwater supplies and goods for your needs, including rainwater heads and sumps – which we explore in this article below.


Rainwater Heads

If there are internal box gutters in a building or house, rainwater heads are necessary. They play a vital role in routing water flow into the downpipes, therefore acting as an external overflow point and as such, controlling the flow of water, namely decreasing water surges. They also ensure that there is no internal water overflow inside the building or home, therefore keeping it safe from leakages and corrosions.



Rollsec rainwater heads can be made in UniZinc, UniCote or Galvanised material as well as specialty metals such as Copper or 316 Grade 2B Stainless Steel or UniCote Lux for those special projects.



Rainwater heads can come in a variety of designs to suit the roof and building which they are a part of. We, at Rollsec, manufacture rainwater heads in a range of different styles with a variety of colours and materials available. The main styles available are curved, segmented, round, box and tapered.


Custom Order

With rainwater heads, it is important to custom order. This ensures that the rainwater head will properly control waterflow. When submitting a design, it is important to be aware of the width, height and length of the desired rainwater head along with any overflow requirements, including the size and placement of the overflow outlet.

The most effective rainwater heads are those which will properly fit the roof and gutters they are being attached to.



Sumps also play an important role in the control of the flow of water. They are attached between the box gutter and a downpipe. When water flows, sumps collect the water then send it down the downpipe. This reduces the chances of overflow and leakages.



Sumps do not come in a large variety of designs, but there is a range of materials and sizes in which they are available in. To find the ones which would best fit your roof, it is recommended that you talk to a qualified team member who can assist you in the process.


Rollsec Products

Rollsec provides a range of rainwater heads and sumps that will help create a beautiful, function roof – no matter what the weather will be. Our products come in a variety of styles so as to match both traditional and modern architecture.

Our roofing materials are made using UniCote Steel, so you can rest assured that your products are high-quality, with a long life ahead of them.


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