There is nothing quite like the job of cleaning out blocked gutters. There’s a lot of hard work involved and there’s also a surprising amount of material involved. Even when you’re working with relatively small guttering, it can amount to a tricky task.

While gutter cleaning is no-one’s favourite job, the alternative is much less desirable. The debris that builds up in gutters can create a type of topsoil, reducing the amount of available space for water.

In the best case scenario, this will eventually lead to a blocked downpipe and overflowing guttering. The worst case result is a leak into your house. That can be expensive to fix and the collateral damage can be highly destructive, damaging the interior and even putting your electrical wiring at risk. Keeping your gutters clean is, therefore, a must-do job.


Gutter Cleaning Basics

These are the basic steps to keeping your gutters clean and functional:

  1. Inspect regularly: You need to stop the build-up of materials ASAP. Check your gutters after storms, heavy rain or high wind. Also look for damaged guttering and replace it as required.
  2. Clean out large debris ASAP: These materials form the basis for blockages.
  3. Flush the guttering: Don’t use a lot of water at first. Just make sure the gutters allow for a free flow of water. When you’re sure there are no blockages, a quick flush with a hose will clear out accumulated dust, making future cleaning easier.


When You Have Gutter Problems

If you do find a blockage, it will most likely be in the downpipe or around the rainwater heads. These areas are gravity fed by the water, trapping debris. Standard practice is to use a drainage rod to break up the blockage and then flush with a hose.


When to Get Help

If you’re having trouble, it’s probably better to get professional help. Some blockages can be very uncooperative and rather nasty to clean. If it’s a really tough blockage, you may need to replace the blocked pipe rather than risk damage to the pipe assembly. Some of the things that can block downpipes include dead animals like rats and birds. In these cases, removing the pipe may be a better move.


Safety Information

Guttering isn’t designed to take much weight. It can be risky working in some places if you have to make contact with the gutter itself to clean it. Always use a stable ladder and don’t put your weight on the guttering or piping.

Another thing to consider is overflow systems, particularly if you’ve been having trouble with your guttering in the wet season.


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