There appears to be many things to consider when designing a roof. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about roof designs.



The first thing to consider before starting the aesthetic design process is the budget. How much will you be allocating towards the roof, and how much will be left for all the other necessities needed? As prices for each design differ, it is important to choose a budget first, then work from there.

That being said, you shouldn’t go on the cheaper side just because you want to save some money. Roofs are a key element of homes and is especially important to consider not only because is it immediately visible, but a cheaply built roof may break down over time. In general, you should aim to spend somewhere between $6000 to $10 000 on your roof.

Type of House

The next step is considering the type of home you are building, which will immediately narrow down the choices of roofs that you have. For example, if the style of the house will be Victorian-chique, a green or butterfly roof will be a very odd choice. A gable roof, however, would be much better suited.


The colour of the house will also affect your roof choice. Many builders choose to get a roof that will colour co-ordinate with their home. However, it is important to keep in mind that colours also play a part in energy consumption, as dark coloured roofs will absorb heat and therefore heat your home more. On the other hand, light coloured roofs will reflect heat.


After considering your budget and the type of home you are building, you can look at designs. Popular roofs in Queensland include the green roof, the skillion, the gable, and the butterfly.

When you are choosing a design, you should also consider roof accessories.  These may include:

  • Skylights
  • Solar panels
  • Chimneys

Some of these accessories cannot be paired with all roof designs, which is why it helps to consider them before settling on a roof.

Local Rules and Regulations

Before making a final decision, consider your local rules and regulations. The local council may have issued advice on roofing in your area – which is especially relevant for places like Queensland where weather patterns may be irregular. In areas that experience heavy rainfall, for example, pitched roofs are encouraged as they make it easier to control rainfall and limit leakage.


Rules and regulations may also tell you which roofs are popular in your area, as well as which colours and materials are allowed – not all roof structures may be accepted by your local council.

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