If you’re looking at doing something about creating an outdoor space, a word of advice – consider what you can put in to that space and compare your options before you spend a cent. We have a few ideas for you, and some useful basic principles which will help you create a fabulous new outdoor space.


Outdoor Space Planning Basics

The big issue with outdoor spaces is the word “space”. How much space do you have to work with? Some outdoor spaces are huge, others are more like postage stamps or planter boxes. The risk here is starting out with grand visions and winding up with clutter, or an overpriced collection of bits and pieces scatted all over the outdoor space. The need is for realistic, properly costed, planning.


Planning should include:

  • A clear vision of all the features of your outdoor space. Really think about what you want and see what’s possible.
  • Actual costs, including labour and installation, as quoted by builders. DO NOT make any financial commitments until you’re clear about your costs.
  • A reality check on whether your new outdoor space really does add value to your property, or just put a hole in your budget.


Getting Your Outdoor Space Right

Having done your planning checks, your next step is to talk to the professionals about what you want. Builders and materials suppliers can help you avoid the death traps of ridiculous prices and impractical options.

These are the things the professionals can help you with:

  1. Site issues: Site issues may include access, safety, regulation compliance, and other things which can drive you straight up the wall, and cost big money.
  2. Sourcing the right materials: Not all “outdoor” materials are good outdoor materials. Some can literally fall apart on you, and cost more to fix. You need top quality materials for things like overhead cover, for example.
  3. Building technical issues: Any type of construction requires proper attention to the technical essentials. If you’re building a patio, for example, you’ve got a connected structure to your house. The connection needs to be well laid out, properly planned with architectural specifications, etc.

OK, sorry for the risk management lecture, but please do believe that any mistakes can be extremely costly. You want a nice outdoor space, not a financial disaster, so these issues must be kept in mind.


The Fun Part of Creating A Fabulous Outdoor Space

Now the good news – with your costs and support set up, you can now have a lot of fun with your outdoor space.


Would you like:

  • A beautiful outdoor space with deck, all-weather cover, and all the great outdoor amenities like a barbecue, a nice personal space, etc.?
  • How about a covered pool, right next to your house for a dip whenever you want?
  • A great, and safe, outdoor play space for young kids and furry friends?
  • An outdoor space that includes some privacy features, covered areas, and comfortable space for just enjoying your outdoor area?

There really is no limit. Let your imagination and your good practical business sense take a stroll through the possibilities.


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