Even small roof leaks can result in serious damage to a home, resulting in major expenses and significant repairs. This is particularly the case if leaks are allowed to persist over time. The bottom line is that any roof leak should be fixed, ASAP.

The reasons why are pretty persuasive:

  • Water may be able to access wiring. This is a serious danger and can lead to significant damage if a fire is caused by a live wire blowing.
  • Water causes mould, which rots timbers and releases huge amounts of spores into the home. Some moulds can be quite toxic and people with respiratory issues are especially at risk.
  • Water promotes bacterial growth and supports unwanted insect populations, like cockroaches.
  • Damaged areas may compromise home structures and let in vermin, like mice and rats. The water also supports these populations.

These problems can be major and expensive for homeowners. Worse, they can also make a home unhygienic, and in severe cases, uninhabitable.

Spotting and Fixing Leaks

You need to know how to spot possible leaks in order to fix them. Spotting leaks that aren’t instantly visible will require some patience, but you can usually track down a leak by looking for tell-tale signs.

  • Smell: A mouldy or earthy smell means you definitely have a moisture problem and therefore probably a leak. You could also have mould, debris, and probably some timber rot.
  • Stained or discoloured areas: Water will discolour paint and materials. If there’s an obvious contrast with normal colours in one area, your leak is there somewhere.
  • Roof guttering and/or downpipes are clogged up with debris: So where’s the water going? Probably inside the house. Check this situation out immediately because it can become a critical issue.
  • Moisture or pooling around or under the house: While this is most likely a leaky pipe, it can also be a leaky roof. If an area around or under the house is consistently wet, don’t stop looking until you find the problem. The last thing you need is wet foundations or compromised footings.

The Fixes for Leaky Roofs

There are two basic options for fixing leaky roofs:

Option 1 – Competent DIYers Can Fix Minor Roof Leaks

You can sometimes fix guttering, small leaks, and downpipes yourself, particularly if you have metal roofing. However, you should not attempt any structural roofing work without professional help. Fixing a few roofing panels is one thing; rebuilding a structurally damaged roof is another. Tile roofing can also be quite complex to fix. Before undertaking any work, remember:  a damaged roof can be extremely dangerous if you’re working unassisted.

Option 2 – Hire Roofing Professionals

This is the safest and most reliable option. Professional roofers will check for risks and map out any interior damage thoroughly. You’ll also get practical help and advice about roofing solutions.

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