It’s 2018, and the latest metal roofing trends are in. Keeping up to date on the latest innovations, colours, styles, etc. can work wonders for the success of your business. At Rollsec, we’re dedicated to keeping you well-informed so you can make profitable decisions when it comes to purchasing high-demand materials.

Colour Trends

Dramatic colours are trending as the most popular roofing shades in 2018. Bright reds, whites, and deep blues are making more of an appearance across residential and commercial projects everywhere. Homebuyers and owners are also being drawn to the one-of-a-kind multi-toned and organic hues like copper, titanium, or bright stainless steel. You can view Rollsec’s UniCote® colour range here, and we suggest considering the Heritage Red, Mountain Blue, or Off White options.

In light of these popular colour trends, we recommend advising customers to take precautions when selecting roofing colours. As unique as a roof may be, there is a risk of growing tired of it after a few years, and with the high quality durability of UniCote®, our roofing materials last for well over 50 years. It’s important to remind customers that traditional colours stand the test of time and may be the more preferred for those who tend to tire of trends easily.

The Metal Roof Trend

Metal roofing in general has become a trend in its own right this year. Metal roofs were once used primarily for commercial projects but are gaining more and more popularity for homes and apartment complexes. They are one of the fastest growing innovations in the home remodeling market.

Their popularity comes from a range of factors, including the fact that they are durable against harsh external factors, provide exceptional protection from the elements, and grant overall longevity to any home or residential project. Metal roofing is available in a wide range of styles, so customers can choose an option that works best with their home or property project.

With coatings to help keep metal roofing attractive, there’s no hint of this trend slowing down any time soon. High performance coatings like the ones used on Magnaflow and UniCote® keep roofs in pristine condition and help avoid colour fading, marks, and chalking. With consumers making a financial investment that will last them upwards of 50 years, it’s important to have the ability to promise long lasting materials that will continue to look good.

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