Building is an ever-changing landscape of new and fascinating things; designs, new products, and much more. Every building trend creates new options, new ideas and new opportunities. In this article we will discuss our favourite building trends for 2018.



One of the more surprising major trends has been the “Metal Roofing Revolution”. Everyone knows metal roofing is cheaper, and more cost-efficient for large roofing spaces. What’s new is that the new metal roofing, precision made top quality steel roofing, is becoming the default choice for all types of roofing.

In Australia’s very responsive building market, that preference for metal roofing IS a major move. Turnover in the building industry is huge, and a move to a specific type of roofing, particularly for the new modern homes, is a game changer.


Value Adding Building

Renovations, extensions and other types of value adding are also major players in the market.  This is another area where metal roofing is developing a real “custom design” motif. The sheer flexibility and adaptability of metal roofing to any kind of home improvements is driving a vast range of new renovations, lowering costs, and, very interestingly, driving new designs.

The value adding factor is a good reflection of better costs, as well as the new wave of top quality designs. You can add value to your home and save money upfront. Good value both ways, and some of the new designs for extensions and other value-adding options really are excellent.


Outdoor Building

This is a major trend, and it’s also a good indicator of a change in the mindset of the market.  Modern housing has come a very long way from the 1950s, when basic designs were the norm. Big modern houses are also creating fabulous outdoor spaces, architect designed personal spaces for home owners, and more.

This trend is gathering momentum. New lifestyle choices are redefining living spaces, and outdoor spaces are becoming a must-have for many homeowners.  It’s interesting to note that some of the new outdoor spaces are basically external living spaces, designed for kids, and/or space creation for better quality of life.


Granny Flats

The humble granny flat is another major evolutionary trend making major impacts on the building market. Granny flats have become true homes. From rather basic designs, these buildings have become true designer homes, with all the latest features, scaled to available space.

One of the more obvious impacts of granny flats is the very high values these buildings can generate, and not just in financial terms. They ARE real living space solutions, very practical, and cost-viable in context with realistic budgets for home improvements.


Building Trends in 2018

It’s likely that these trends will accelerate in 2018. The housing market demand is still very strong, and not likely to weaken. Prices may move, but the demand will still act as a very strong driver, particularly for the trends above.


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