Are you installing a metal roof? It’s a great idea to get well versed in all the tips and tricks available to ensure the finished installation looks great and works as well as it can. This includes using gable rolls as well as getting a good understanding of other installation tricks.


What are Gable Rolls Used For?

Metal roofing has been widely used for commercial and industrial roofs but has experienced a surge in popularity for residential roofing due to its durability, affordability and contemporary stylish appearance. Achieving a stylish finish on your metal roofing is about using quality products like Unicote colour bonded steel as well as adding those essential finishing touches.

Gable rolls are one of those essential finishing touches that make the finished roof look fantastic. They are a stylish alternative to finish the non-gutter edges on a roof, creating a neat, rounded look. Roofing that sits flush against a wall rarely looks attractive without the right finishing touches. Adding gable rolls are the perfect solution.


Types of Gable Rolls Available

Whether you are aiming for a contemporary or traditional looking roof style, you can find the right garble rolls to suit the project and get a beautiful result. Their rounded design looks particularly good with corrugated iron roof sheets sitting flush against a wall.

Choose from a variety of colours so you can match it to your roof, including UniCote colours like:

  • Wallaroo
  • Smooth Cream
  • Mountain Blue
  • Heritage Red
  • Off White
  • Caulfield Green
  • Jasmin Brown
  • Plain UniZinc finish

Gable rolls also come in a range of different sizes depending on the roof profile, design preferences and overall look you want to achieve. Choose from 25mm, 38mm or 50mm sizes. There are two stock lengths of 1.8 metres or 2.4 metres available from Rollsec.


General Installation Tips

When you are to install a metal roof by yourself, you need to first make sure that you have the right set of tools and equipment. You will, of course, need a ladder and some wood screws as well as metal sheets and metal blades.

It’s essential to plan ahead prior to the actual metal roof installation. The installation process can take up to a few hours so it’s best to be ready and know exactly how to approach it, from layering and alignment to fixing and trimming.


Looking for Gable Rolls and Other Roofing Supplies in Brisbane?

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