Roofing is one of the most important aspects of any building. Choosing the right roofing material affects how much maintenance is required over the life of the building, how well the structure is protected from the elements and the overall value of the property. Today, corrugated iron roofing is a popular choice for both domestic and commercial applications due to the various benefits they provide.



The incredible strength to weight qualities of metal make it excellent for roofing. Pre-painted metal roofing by suppliers like Unicote is designed specifically to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Benefits include:

  • Corrosion resistance – By using galvanised coatings or incorporating zinc modern metal roofing is highly resistant against corrosion.
  • Protects against weather extremes – Metal roofing can withstand a wide range of extreme weather conditions including torrential rainfall, high winds, hail damage, heavy snow and the harsh Australian sun.
  • Fire resistant – Metal roofing provides excellent fire-retardant properties against sparks, fireworks and other fire hazards.
  • Pest resistant – When it comes to stopping termites and other insects from entering the building, metal roofing provides the best protection.
  • Colour retention – Since the colour is bonded to the metal, there’s no need to repaint it as much as other materials.

Metal roofing is so durable that many manufacturers offer warranties of 25 years, a good indication that they are designed to last many years. Thanks to its rippled shape, corrugated iron sheet has a larger surface area. This contributes to heightened durability and can withstand bends caused by objects that fall on the roof such as pebbles, and branches.



Metal roofing is generally more affordable as a material and is much cheaper to install since a single metal sheet can span a wide area. Alternatives like terracotta tiles are far more time consuming and costly to install. The minimal maintenance required also provides additional cost savings over the life of the roof.


Design Flexibility

Corrugated iron roofing looks great on almost any style of home. Unicote roofing comes in a wide range of colours. It’s also great when it comes to giving building designers and property owners more creative license and flexibility. You can build efficient structures due to the light weight of metal roofing, meaning more column free floor area.



Metal roofing is 100 per cent recyclable. All metal roofing on the market in Australia today is partially made with recycled materials. It’s also easy to transport and doesn’t create much on-site wastage. If you use a rainwater storage tank, metal roofing is much better for collecting water than other options.


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