Despite their ubiquity in the USA, attics have never really caught on in Australia –this seems like a wasted opportunity because they are a fantastic way to massively increase your storage space at almost no cost. If you’re looking for ways to boost your home’s storage, here are some reasons you should look up.


Insulation Options

Unlike a cupboard or garage, roof space is easy to insulate, which makes it great for storing items that need to be kept cool or even warm. Your roof space is great for insulation at either temperature. If you want your roof space to be warm, there are techniques required in insulating a warm roof between and under the rafters of the roof itself.

A different technique is necessary if you to make the temperature a little cooler. If you have a comic book collection, for example, it is best kept in cool, dark, dry conditions – short of building an underground bunker, a well-insulated roof cavity is the ideal spot.


Complete Lighting Control

Roof space renovation might be a good idea for you if you need to store items with specific lighting requirements. If you have a collection of old gadgets you like to work on sometimes, you can kit your attic space out with high-intensity lights to allow for precision work. Other items may fade or degrade if exposed to too much light, in which case lighting that automatically switches off when the door is closed again might be a good idea.


Keep out of Reach of Children

If you have children in your home, a roof storage space can offer a great way to keep hazardous items away from them. Think power tools and toxic chemicals – these are best kept in places small children can’t get near them. Your children can also be hazards to your collectables, so this can go both ways – put those hand-painted figurines and vintage LPs up in the roof where your kids can’t impulsively destroy them.


Getting Organised

Roof space storage works well for people who are in the process of organising and reorganising their home. Through the use of the additional space in your attic, you can effectively remove furniture from your home temporarily to allow for easier reorganisation then simply bring it back down.


Hard Work Well Worth It

Getting your roof storage space set up properly will involve, at the least, some hard work cleaning and preparing the space. Depending on how thorough you want to be, it could also involve some costs for insulation, lighting and renovations. However, the value you can receive from the space makes it well worth it. Whether you are a family person who needs more living space or a homeowner who has plans for increased property valuation, improving and making good use of your attic is a great way forward.

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