Queenslanders know this story pretty well. A cyclone or heavy rain is coming and you have to make sure your roof is ready for it. There are a few simple, straightforward things you can do to ensure that your roof is ready for whatever nature drops on it.


The Absolute Essentials

There’s a bit of a shopping list of things that absolutely must be done:

  1. Check the roof for any signs of loose materials: Systematically check the roof for anything and everything that looks damaged or not properly battened down. These panels or tiles can become lethal shrapnel in big storms. They’re extremely dangerous to your home the area around it.
  2. Check the roof interior: If there are weak, unstable points, leaks or other issues, they need fixing as soon as possible. A small leak can feed water directly into the home and cause serious damage.
  3. Downpipes and guttering: Make sure your downpipes and gutters are in good condition and that there are no blockages. (You can flush the guttering to see if it’s OK.) Replace any suspect components.


To DIY or Not to DIY?

Common wisdom suggests that savvy DIYers can do smaller jobs themselves but should leave more complex work to the professionals. This is especially the case when you’re preparing for cyclone season. If you know your way around a roofing installation, you’ll be able to make the distinction between jobs you can handle and those that you can’t.


Structural Work and Leak Detection

Generally speaking, structural work can be quite demanding and time-consuming. This is especially the case when it comes to identifying and resolving a leak. Even if you’re an experienced DIY expert, can one person do the job in time for a big cyclone?


Metal vs Tile Roofing

Fixing some metal roofing issues can be pretty simple and quick. Simply replacing a panel or ensuring all panels are properly fixed to supports is straightforward. Tile roofs, on the other hand, may require expert roofing work. If you’ve got a lot of tiles, it simply may not be possible to do it all yourself.


Large Jobs

Bigger jobs are definitely not one-man jobs and shouldn’t be left to chance whether you can do them or not. Cyclones and wet season rains are too dangerous for guesswork.


Getting Help

If you’ve got a lot of work to do on your roof, time will be against you. Get professional help before peak natural disaster season. Your local roofers will be able to complete any jobs must faster and more efficiently. Any money spent on a roofer is a better option than spending a small fortune fixing a severely damaged home.


Looking for Roofing Supplies in Brisbane?

If you’re looking for metal roofing, guttering, downpipes, or other supplies before the next natural disaster season, Rollsec has everything you need. Ask us for all types of roofing and talk to our friendly experts for help with your roofing issues. Call us or contact us online at any time.