Is It Possible to Make Your Roof Fireproof?

Fires that occur in the roof cavity of your home can be especially dangerous. Firefighters have many stories of entering a home or business with few signs of severe fire or even smoke, only to see a fireball burst from a ceiling ventilation shaft or narrowly escape a roof collapse caused by fire.

A blaze above the ceiling can spread quickly and won’t always be easy to detect, as the ceiling itself and the height of the flames often prevents visual and even heat detections. Considering these facts, prevention is the best approach.

Invisible Dangers

Fires that start in your roof present extreme dangers for several reasons. First of all, smoke detectors located on ceilings often won’t go off until late in the game because smoke is being produced above the ceiling and rising upwards, not down.

By the time smoke seeps into lower levels of the home and sets off alarms, or escapes outside and alerts neighbours, a huge amount of damage may already have been done. There is generally a lot of fuel in the roof cavity as well, such as wooden support beams, sawdust and items you’ve stored above the ceiling.

Any gaps in the roof will exacerbate this problem by potentially adding leaf litter and other organic matter to this collection of flammable materials. This all means a roof fire can spread and gain strength at an alarming rate.

Fireproof Your Roof

There are some steps you can take to drastically reduce the risk of roof fires occurring:

Check Your Electrical System

Electrical malfunctions are the leading causes of roof fires, so it’s recommended that you have an electrician examine the wiring in your roof regularly, especially if your home is a few decades old. You need to ensure the wiring is up to code and safe, otherwise your home and your family’s safety is compromised.

Sweep Your Chimney

All the dust and debris that builds up in a chimney can be a fire hazard. Hire a professional to clean out your chimney at least once a year, particularly at the end of winter. Removing organic material from your chimney will help minimise the chance of any brush igniting and setting off sparks that could lead to roof fires.

Keep Mice, Rats and Possums under Control

Don’t let mice, rats or possums set up shop in your roof cavity. Animal life in this area can damage the wiring, especially mice and rats who like to gnaw on the casing around electrical wires. This can lead to exposed wires and a much higher risk of fire.

Install Fire-Resistant Roofing

If you are planning a roof replacement project, consider investing in a roof made of fire-resistant materials. Modern materials are designed to lower the chances of property loss due to fire. Even though you can’t prevent every disaster, this is a safeguard you can control. Metal roofs with coatings such as Zincalume, Unicote, or Magnaflow are all designed to be fire resistant, while their durability and strength minimise the chance of rodents getting in through damaged areas.

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