Maintaining roofs and gutters is nobody’s favourite responsibility, particularly if the roofingand guttering haven’t been looked after properly. When your roof and gutters aren’t maintained, this will also result in some pretty grim cost problems.

Fortunately, roof and gutter maintenance doesn’t have to be hard work. We have compiled a few tips to help you dodge the cost bullets and make the most out of your next roofing job.

Roof and Gutter Maintenance – the Essentials

The basics of roof and gutter maintenance are simple. Start by checking your roof and guttering, looking for the following:

Discolouration on the walls: This indicates that there’s a leak somewhere or a blockage that has caused an overflow. If the water finds its way into the house, this can result in rather expensive repairs. Water and wiring risks will also need to be checked. Whatever the issues, get them fixed before it costs you a fortune.

Gutters that look out of alignment: Your gutters are supposed to be perfectly aligned to keep out leaks, but they can start to shift over time. You may need to have the guttering replaced or repaired. With steel roofing, this can be done in minutes. With tile roofing, it can be a major task if there are issues affecting the tiling and supports.

Metal roofing panels that look out of place with other roofing: Metal roofing is supposed to be dead straight, with no raised or distorted panels. A quick fix is easy but make sure you check for any interior roofing issues. The usual result of out of place panels is a leak, which can damage insulation and cause problems for house and roof interiors.

Debris and dirt in the guttering: A build-up of sediment in your gutters is usually caused by broken down material from trees, as well as flying dust. This type of sediment takes a while to build up, so if there’s a lot of it, your guttering hasn’t been properly maintained for quite a while.  Clean out the gutters and make sure there are no possible drain-blocking materials near your downpipes.

Animal or bird damage: This is a lot more common than most people realise, particularly in older homes in larger Australian cities. Obviously, the rats or pigeon nests aren’t supposed to be inside your roof or guttering, but there’s another, even more risky, issue: If they’re inside your roof or guttering, what sort of damage has your roofing or guttering sustained? Your roofing must have a gap or the drainage must have failed, creating a dry spot for the animals. Birds and animals don’t nest in wet places.

It’s quite possible that there are leaks and other complications in the roof interior. Get these problems fixed fast; this type of damage can get worse in a hurry, leading to potentially huge hygiene ramifications

Need Some Help with Your Roofing in Brisbane?

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