Proper flashing installation is critically important to the life of your roofing and your rainwater system. Flashings protect buildings from leaks. When you get the installation process wrong, your guttering becomes a liability rather than an asset. Leaks can penetrate the home and do almost unbelievable amounts of damage.

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The Risks of Substandard Flashing Installation

Few homeowners would even think about the possible costs of leak damage. This damage can affect wiring, rot timbers, and even make homes unliveable. Damage in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars is quite possible.

Poor quality flashing installation isn’t exactly popular in the roofing trade, either. Any roofer will tell you their opinions of substandard installation and they won’t be glowing.

There are two basic reasons for their point of view:

Substandard flashing installation is considered very unprofessional:
 Like all trades, roofers pride themselves on top quality work. They also know how much damage lazy or clumsy installation can cause homeowners. Poor installation is simply not tolerable, in any form.

The physical risks of substandard installation: For roofers, leaky flashing means potentially big trouble. Roofs are dangerous enough places to work at the best of times. Roofers spend a lot of time and effort to ensure their workplaces are safe. Add water near live wires, or slippery, mouldy waterlogged roofing, and the job can become much more dangerous.

How Do You Know If Your Flashing Is Properly Installed?

The easy way to find out if your flashing is fully functional is to simply run some water through your gutters with a hoseThere aren’t supposed to be any leaks at all, internally or externally.

Check the exterior and interior of the house on the side where the guttering sits. Any sign of a leak, surface discolouration, or penetration to the home should be fixed as soon as possible.

You can also visually inspect your guttering. If you see any out of position flashing or signs of guttering alignment issues, you’ve got a problem. Box guttering is very reliable and should be 100% aligned unless there is something wrong with the flashing. Fortunately, most problems will be easy to spot.

Mysterious Leaks

If you have new guttering and a new leak you can’t find easily, the flashing is the usual suspect. Even if you can’t see any problem with the guttering, the flashing is most likely involved.

Most of these problems are easy to repair and you can get the job done under warranty. Serious leaks, however, may require both a more competent tradesman and some serious remedial work. This work should include a thorough inspection of roof drainage to make sure there are no other issues.

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