Corrugated and Five Rib roofing are two of the most popular forms of metal roofing on the market. Both have their benefits, but these types of roofing are better suited to specific environments, building designs, and types of roofing.

Comparing the Two Types of Roofing

This is a quick overview of the qualities and uses of these two types of roofing:

  • Corrugated: Corrugated roofing has been popular in Australia for generations. It’s the more traditional type of metal roofing and it can be used for just about any kind of roofing. Corrugated roofing is extremely tough, too, another major recommendation. This type of roofing will last for years with minimum maintenance. It’s also easy to fix if it ever does need any work done.


  • Five Rib: Five Rib is a more modern type of roofing than corrugated. It does have raised corrugations, but much fewer, with wide spaces between the ridges. This type of roofing is better suited to roofs with a low pitch and it also offers a different exterior presentation to corrugated roofing. Five Rib is also a long-life product, maintenance friendly, and simple to fix if required.

Practical Issues When Choosing Your Roofing

A few words of advice about choosing your roofing:

  1. Selecting the right type of roofing is critically important. You need to consider the size and onsite needs of your roofing. Do you need a large corrugated roof for a big space or a Five Rib roof for a large but fairly flat roof?
  1. Appearance: These two types of roofing look very Depending on your building design, a corrugated roof may or may not clash with your exterior. Similarly, a Five Rib roof may look modern in context with a modern home design. If you’re thinking about kerb appeal, consider your choices carefully.
  1. Cost: Corrugated and Five Rib usually cost about the same.
  1. Maintenance: Both types of roofing are very low maintenance, cheap and easy to fix.

Selecting Your Roofing

It’s worth talking to roofing suppliers and roofing installers about your choice. For the price of a phone call, you may find that one type of roofing has everything that you want.

It’s also well worth discussing the brands of roofing sheets available for your job. There are top-quality brands on the market that are also quite affordable. You can get a better deal simply by selecting these brands.

If you’re talking to roofing manufacturers/suppliers, you can also get valuable, practical information. Ask them about custom options, getting your roofing cut to measure, and other useful, time and money-saving choices.

You can’t really lose by choosing either type of roofing. Both are good options, and both offer good value for money. The major issue is which is best suited to your site.

Ask Rollsec about Corrugated and Five Rib Options

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