Australia’s fastest growing national independent steel distributor has
partnered with one of the world’s largest steel companies to create

UniZinc™ is produced for applications requiring outstanding corrosion resistance and ensures long-lasting ultimate performance.

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About UniZinc™ Steel

UniZinc™ is a high quality Aluminium, Zinc and Magnesium alloy steel tested and manufactured for the harsh Australian conditions. It is a long lasting Roofing, Walling and Rainwater solution designed for the Australian landscape.

The Aluminium – Zinc – Magnesium layer effectively protects the base metal by preventing corrosion. This layer gives UniZinc™ Roofing and Cladding products its strong resistance to weathering caused by natural elements.

Recommended End Uses

UniZinc™ is suitable for roofng, cladding, rainwater goods and sheds. UniZinc™ is ideal for interior uses and exterior environments where corrosion levels are moderate.


Outdoor durability

Under normal well-washed conditions of exposure, UniZinc™ shows an increased performance in corrosion resistance. This means we are able to offer greater warranty periods than traditional Zinc-Aluminium AZ150 coatings.



Independently laboratory tested to ensure ultimate
performance in the harsh Australian environment.


Hot-dipped Aluminium / Zinc / Magnesium alloy
coated steel coil, 125gms/m2 coating weight.
Manufactured to AS1397:2011

Corrosion Resistance

With the addition of magnesium to aluminium,
UniZinc™ stabilises the self-sacrificial corrosion
of zinc on the coated surface and on scratches or
cut edges that can occur during manufacturing or
installation on-site. It offers outstanding corrosion

Heat Resistance

UniZinc™ offers outstanding heat resistance.
Such characteristics are attributed from the
high aluminium content (80% of surface volume)
in the coating layer and is ideal for applications
which are exposed to high temperatures for
long periods of time.

Heat Respectability

UniZinc™ offers excellent heat respectability and
can be used in roofing or walling to save on
energy costs associated with cooling or heat.

Warranty and Manufacture

Selection Steel offers warranties of differing lengths on UniZinc™ for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in ISO 1-3 environments, depending on
whether the product will be used for roofing or cladding.

*Applicable to areas over 1km from Marine and Industrial environments. Refer to specific warranty information for full terms and conditions, including exclusions and minimum maintenance requirements. Buildings close to industrial areas which are exposed to corrosive chemicals may require P.V.D.F for added protections. Visit unicote.com.au and complete the warranty enquiry form.