The Integrity panel is unique in the metal cladding market; no architectural cladding suppliers other than Rollsec offer anything that comes close.

They’re big panels that can be cut to the right size for the job. Stylistically, they look chic, modern and minimalist. If you’ve got a commercial job and you’re looking for a fire-retardant cladding panel that’s up to AS standards, then the Integrity design is for you.

Horizon Architectural Cladding

When Do You Need Integrity?

Sometimes, commercial cladding jobs do not meet AS standards, and need to be replaced.

That’s the perfect time for our Integrity panels, which are suited and designed to work in a commercial or industrial environment. Not only do they look great—and are easy to install—but they’re fire retardant, too. The Integrity panel is non-combustible, tested in accordance to AS 1530-3.

How Does Integrity Compare?

Compared to other cladding used in facades, Integrity panelling comes in equivalent weights. A stand out factor, however, about the Integrity design is that it is so versatile. So, when you’ve got a pre-existing system and need cladding designed specifically to fit in, the Integrity is a fantastic choice. Plus, compared to other more complicated and intricate facades, the Integrity panel is flat and easy to clean, so it’ll look good as new time after time.

Varieties of Integrity Panelling

Integrity panels are available in a range of finishes including UniCote, Magnaflow and Unicote Lux. So whatever finish and look you’re looking for when weighing up exterior cladding options, we can help deliver it with Integrity.

The Pinnacle Range

Integrity is part of our new ‘Pinnacle Range’; four stylish profiles that take inspiration from the best in European design. It’s our way of expressing contemporary beauty in steel, with pleasing, versatile styles that convey strong and bold textures. All of the products in our Pinnacle Range make for a beautiful finish on any structure.

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